I can not purchase a domain name in your system. Why ?

Except for .fr domain names, which need to be transferred, we always make a push of the purchased domain names from our account towards your account. For example, if a domain name you wish to buy is registered with Godaddy, you need to have a Godaddy account and fill your Godaddy info in our system, so that we can make the push. The same applies to Namebright, Dynadot and Network Solutions.

Do you deliver the content of microsites or sites?

No. We only sell domain names.

How can I know about new domains on sale?

About 100 domains are added each two weeks. We advice you to subscribe to a personnalized alert, so that you receive a notification when a domain name from you topic is added.

How can I pay and do prices include VAT?

Payment must be realized through Stripe. You can pay with a credit card in the Stripe payment page. Prices are in Euros. A 21 % VAT tax is added to any payment. Buyers from the European Union and which have filled their VAT registration number in their account are exempted of VAT, as well as professionnels from outside Europe, provided they have entered their fiscal identification number.

How can I purchase domain names?

We offer two ways of purchasing expired domain names.

1. Browse our catalog

The domain names on sale are classified by topic and language. You can buy the ones you wish in one click.

2. Subscribe to an alert

As soon as we add to our catalogue a domain name that fits your criteria (topic, language, etc.), you receive an alert and can decide to purchase it or not.

Is it legal to purchase expired domain names?

The legal aspect of domain names are complex and partly depend on the laws of the country where you are established. Before purchasing a domain name with us, you might want to check that there is no trademark applicable in your country of residence. The legal risks also depend on the use of the domain names.

What about payment and invoices

The payment is processed by Stripe, but you don't need a Stripe account for this. Invoices are automatically generated after payment and are available in your account.

What kind of domain names do you sell?

At Domstocks, we only sell domains for SEO, which are domains with the largest possible amount of quality incoming links. Typically, they have been used until very recently by a company or organization. For some reason (change of activity, bankruptcy, change of domain name, technical problem, etc.), they have not been renewed by their owner. We have purchased them as soon as they became available, through an auction process. Some SEO domains we offer on sale show a whois age of 10+ years because they have not been deleted and sold by the registrar just before entering the redemption period.

How do I receive the domain name I've purchased and how long does it take?

You need an account with the current registrar (mostly Namebright or Godaddy, sometimes Dynadot or Network Solutions) in order to be able to receive the domain name. If you don't already have one, we can create it for you with your first purchase. This account will then be used for your future purchases with us. 80 % of the domain names we offer on sale are with Namebright. Transferring a domain name from our account to yours needs one click and is immediate.

Once you have a purchased a domain name, a push towards your account with the registrar of the domain name is created. This operation is free of charge. Usually, you need to make a clic to accept it. A few seconds later, you should be able to see the domain name in your account. Please note that the push creation is not automated. Thus you may wait a few hours before you receive the validation email, especially if you purchase the domain name(s) when it's the night in Europe and/or during week-ends.

Please note that the domain names you purchase can not be managed from your Domstocks account. They will appear in your own personal accounts with Godaddy, Namebright, Dynadot, OVH, etc.

What about .fr domain names ?

.fr domain names can not be pushed from an account to another. You need to start a transfer using any registrar that handles .fr domain names: InternetBS, OVH, Gandi, Ionos, etc. Those companies charge the price of 1 year registration for the transfer. The will ask for an authorization code in order to complete the transfer. This code will be sent you immediately after the purchase of the domain name.

I already have a registrar and I don't want to use my Namebright nor Godaddy account

Transferring a domain name from a registrar to another can take only a few hours but it can also be a hassle when bad registrars are involved. You are free to transfer your domain name from your Namebright or Godaddy account (or Dynadot or Network Solutions) towards your favorite registrar (InternetBS, 1and1, OVH, etc.). For this, you need to unlock the domain names and retreive the auth code. In some cases, you might need to wait a few days or even a few weeks before being able to unlock the domain name.

Unlocking a domain name and retrieving an auth code with Namebright

Just click on "unlock the domain". The domain will be unlocked and the auth code will appear

Unlocking a domain name and retrieving a auth code with Godaddy

Choose the domain name you want to transfer out. At the bottom of the page (Additional Settings), you can unlock the domain name and click on "Get Authorization Code". You'll receive it by email immediately.



Why should I pay several dozens of euros for your domain names, whereas a simple domain name registration costs less than $10?

The domain name we offer on sale are impossible to register for $10, at least with gTLD extensions (.com, .net, etc.). Domain names which comply our requirements (Decent Majestic SEO Trust flow score and number of incoming links, clean history, no spammy links, Gtld extensions, no long period of parking, etc.) can only be purchased through professional services. SEO domains that are available at the standard rate with the classic registrars are of lower quality.

For many years, thousands of people have been scraping the web in order to find available SEO domain names. What you can register for for $10 or less is what dozens of people have seen before but not deemed worth registering.

What are the differences between Domstocks and the name catchers like Snapnames or Dropcatch?

Snapnames and the other name catchers allow you to place a backorder on a domain name before it expires. As soon as it has expired, they fight with other namecatchers in order to register it. If they manage to register the domain name, they it is transferred to the person that has placed the backorder. If several people have place a backorder for the same domain name, it is sold into a 3-days auction. Dropcatch and Dynadot are similar to Snapnames, with the difference that the auctions are open to anybody, not only to the people that have placed a backorder for a domain name.

Our service is much simpler. the domain names we offer on sale are already owned by ourselves. There is no auction. You choose them, pay them and have them.